Current Grow Update: It's All Coming Together- Day 43 Flowering

2 months ago

The days are adding up and the countdown to the harvest day is getting closer and closer. This is the time of the grow that my anxiousness is evident more so than any other time. I can see changes in the plants, the buds are growing bigger and bigger and the plants all take on an identity of being what they were set out to be.

Fruit Punch

You can start to see the trichromes developing. The sparkle they give off from the leaves are one of the best visual signs of a healthy crop. The essence of cannabis infiltrates the room; and sometimes house if I don't have the ventilation fan running.

And when you inspect the plants, you start to feel that sticky residue!

Life with the harvest is good!

When I take images of my plants it is a two-fold reason.
One is to share here on the platform with all of you.
Second is because I am always vigilant on making sure no pests are living there and to see if the leaves are showing any signs of nutrient deficiency.

My vision is not what it used to be decades, or even years ago, so I like to rely on my magnified flashlight app on my cell phone to enhance the images and show me what the naked eye misses.

I've always been a proactive person, even in my regular daily life, so being able to spot an issue early is the best way to prevent bigger problems further down the line of growth.

Same bud from the White Widow. One is just a little closer view. Don't you just love how the stigmas and pistils are starting to stretch out and getting ready to begin their curling venture.I can't wait until they curl up and begin to turn that awesome amber color!

I still have about three weeks until I can harvest the plants; and that puts me at one week post-surgery. I'm still trying to figure out how to do this with only one hand, as my left arm will be immobilized until mid-February. Mr Golden D has said he would help me... he's never really done a harvest or final trim before curing, so this will be quite interesting.

My brother has offered to come help too; thank goodness for the men in my life!

So in the end this crop should be harvested on time. At the time I sowed the seeds (and even the clones I currently have in the other tent), I had no idea of the pending surgery and didn't realize I would probably have to rely on others to help. After all, I am quite particular with my girls. And I'm sure I'll be the mother hen peeking over every shoulder of who is helping and making sure they do it right. I'll more than likely have to let go of some of my OCD tendencies and let the guys do their best job. Oh Lord... HELP ME!


Image Banner by @mrspacely






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Incredible photography.... you should make a slide show (video) of all these awesome beauties and add some music.


Ohhhh that that would be great idea!!


I just use iMovie on my iPod.... it’s free on iPod or iPhone, I’m sure there are some Free Android movie maki g apps also. I used to even use Microsoft movie to create slideshows with my photos.... add Text, music, other effects.... all for free.... I upload to YouTube and then paste a link here to view.

Good luck with your harvest and hope your hand surgery goes well......


Thank you on both accounts!

So beautiful.....

How I wish to have like this .Anyway,bI am so happy for you and I cant wait seeing your post with a good harvest.
Merry Christmas!

..awesome pictures! getting nearer to the harvest...although it is still a lot of work, I love it..unfortunately can’t help you, would do it, if you would live near here..I’m sure you will do it!..guess you will continue posting how it goes...meanwhile, up..resmoked..enjoy..