Curing Has Begun: Half The Crop All Set!

17 days ago

Earlier this week I set to trimming up my most recent crop and got halfway done when my left hand decided to not cooperate (ever try to put on a latex glove when two of your fingers can't bend and move properly? Well, it suck!). So I took a break and figured I'd finish it up the following day. Today I want to share what I was able to accomplish o the first day of trimming and curing.


From left to right: White Widow (8g), Super Skunk Kush (57g) and Fruit Punch (29g)

set up.jpg

Setting up to trim and get the latest harvest ready for curing is time-consuming; but not as labor intense as the actual trimming process (probably the most dreaded task of any harvest).

Gathering all the tools necessary, getting the drying rack of cannabis and especially being in the mood to do this menial task is my most despised job throughout the entire grow process; How about you?

I ended up spending about four hours doing these three plants. Time-wise this was much longer than normal. Three months ago I could have hammered out these plants in maybe two hours. But all-in-all, I'm OK with the prolonged time. It gave me a chance to really look at the buds. Something I completely enjoy.

Right: Fruit Punch Cola


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Man I could trim for days 😅 always found it super relaxing...

Decent batch done in one go, I know how the hands lockup over time lol usually it’s my thumbs that don’t wanna bend.


I think you're the only person I've come across who likes trimming!


LOL I should start advertising my services then!


You could probably get more customers than you'd imagine!


I have found it’s usually trust related to find the gigs, no one from outside their little circles... maybe personal growers but then again location becomes an issue and I don’t feel like giving anyone a reason to kick in my door.

I hate trimming too! That is until I see the end product:)


Yes! The end result makes up for all the monotony of trimming.