Co2 Bags Use For Indoor Grows Is A MUST HAVE!

11 months ago

In this most recent grow that I will be harvesting in about another week or so, I didn't have the Co2 bag inside the grow tent for a few weeks of the flowering stage. I'd like to say this was a planned experiment, but in reality it was because I was pre-occupied with my husband heart surgery recovery and hadn't been able to make it to the hydro store to purchase.

Once he was home and on the way to recovering, I remembered and went out to buy one.

How did I know to remind myself? The buds weren't as dense as they should have been by that time in the flower process and it seemed as though the buds were smaller.

It seemed overnight, I know that is exaggerating but still, the buds densed up and seem to grow a little more. What was once a smaller bud, or cola, with other smaller buds beneath, all appeared to be reaching out for the other buds to inter-mingle and grow together.

According to Grow Ace's website these are the two best reasons for using a carbon dioxide additive bag to your grows:

There are two main benefits to using Co2 in your indoor garden that I found: greater yield and faster growing. To explain further, plants have a certain amount of moisture and energy in their leaves at all times, and Co2 aids in bringing out that energy to help your plants thrive. By unlocking that stored energy, most growers agree that you will get about 20-30% more yield with an increased growing speed of at least 15%)

The flowering plants were in week three of the cycle when I realized my error and for the last few weeks they have been thriving, as if to catch up, and be the buds I want them to be.

Fingers crossed for that 20-30% more yield!!

When you add a Co2 bag to your grow, keep a close eye on the humidity level within the grow tent. Adding Co2 to the enclosed area can cause the moisture content to build; hence developing higher humidity levels.

And we all know the possibilities of problems that can occur with high humidity.

I don't really have a preference for which brand of Co2 bag I use; usually just whatever the hydro store has in stock; or on sale.

Do you have a preferred brand you like?

To learn more about Exhale Co2 bags, see the website here.






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I think I need to make a trip to my local hydro store. I did my last grow without one because of available funds. But I haven't bought anything in about 3 weeks so this grow will be getting it.


Oh yeah... definitely get one. I hadn't realized the noticeable difference until this current crop in flowering.

Great article. thanks for sharing valuable Content.

Heck yeah thats awesome