Clones Getting Ready For Flowering Plus Let's Supercrop That Sativa

26 days ago
My small grow tent full of clones needed more space! Good thing I harvested my most recent crop over the weekend. I have them now in the larger grow tent and once I decide this week if I will clone these plants (or not), I will set them into the lighting of the flowering stage.


Just look at the back left corner of the tent where the Fruit Punch (sativa) is growing so tall. It's very stem-y; which is a common growing aspect and trait of sativa strains. When I moved the clones to their new home (the larger 48x48x70 grow tent) I did a "supercrop" on the main branch of the sativa to keep the canopy more level with the other plants in the crop.

It's mainly done for my own personal OCD reasons. I like to have a uniform grow and seeing this rebellious sativa out-growing the others messes with my persnickety ways.


So what is supercropping?
Coco For Cannabis' website describes it the best way here:

Supercropping is a technique that allows you to bend and fold the plant to reduce height or reposition branches, stems or “colas”. It involves pinching the stem to soften the internal core or “curd” of the plant and make the outer fibers pliable. After the pinch, you can fold the plant at the pinch point to lower and/or reposition the stalk. After supercroppimg, the stalks initially require support, but they will quickly work to return to a vertical position, so the folded stalks also must be restrained in their new position

In other words (or layman's terms), it's a pinch and bend technique.

I have done the supercrop numerous times in the past on both sativa and indica strains, so the technique is not new to me.

And I can even remember my first attempt from two years ago. HINT: It was a fail. I accidentally (because I have long fingernails) squeezed the stem too much and, didn't actually break it but, it died. The stem part from the supercrop up to the cola was DOA.

Lesson learned.


Now when I do a supercrop on a plant, I use the pads of my thumb and pointer fingers to gently roll the stem slightly until I can feel the breaking of the fibers. Then I carefully bend it over.

I have spent more hours in the past week in the grow room taking care of and harvesting my current crop and getting the place cleaned up (as I let things go over the last three weeks as I recover from my surgery), but this past Monday I knew I had to get in there and clean up and organize my supplies.

So I started painstakingly hauling empty water (nutrient) jugs to the kitchen to make a new batch of food for my girls, I moved the clones to their new home, I put all the miscellaneous items back in their place and I checked on the buds that were drying in the small tent (giving them their first rotation so as to not have the buds get smashed down).

Even though I was in the grow room almost EVERY day during my recovery, I didn't spend too much time in there tending to my normal tasks; so being in there Monday was a nice relief and brought me back to a place in my world that I absolutely love.


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