Changes Are So Evident: Week 3 Grow Update

3 months ago

Not even a week ago, I had snapped this image (below on the right) midway through week two of my current grow and you can really see the changes happening with my crop development.

Week Three on the left and week two on the right.

This is, of course, one of my all-time favorite times of a grow. Seeing the changes occurring; the buds starting to develop, the pistils begin to grow and the stems start to grow in diameter. It truly is a wondrous time!

New lights are hung in the main grow tent, the plants have been rid of excess fan leaves and some light lollipopping has been complete.

grow wk3.jpg

In my opinion the plants look healthier and are enjoying their new shape and lighting.

The two sativa (on the far left- Fruit Punch) are growing like crazy; as sativas for me have in the past. The Super Skunk Kush (in the back on the right) is attempting to keep up with the sativas and the two White Widow (center and front right) are shorter, but bushier; as was the case in the most recent harvest.

It's amazing how each plant or strain take on their own personalities.


Image Banner by @mrspacely






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Wunderbar @goldendawne! ..expect fat buds from your grow, I know you'll have them! Good luck!