Making More Grow Jars, Black Tuna X Afghani Strain Growth

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11 months ago

Hey Everyone, If you guys remember from my earlier posts. I have been building a grow set-up out of pretty much nothing but recycle containers and furniture. Obviously growing takes time and so does adding to the set-up. Sometimes you need to take a step back and some time to yourself to look at what you have and how you can expand.
So I've just added new grow jars to my set-up. The way these jars are made are very simple, they are recycled after the sauce is used. Labels are removed and they are cleaned Thoroughly. Next, once dry they are spray painted with a coat of black paint. Make sure you ask someone who works at Rona or Home Depot which is the best type of paint to apply to glass.
This is the type of spray paint I am currently using. I would also like to pick up a can of white paint as well as a clear coat to protect it from scratches.
As you can see, this strain here which is called "Black Tuna" is now in early flower. So in this stage, I start to increase the uses of Florabloom in the General Hydroponics series and add a bit more molasses. My nutrients are as follows...

  • FloraMicro 2ml
  • FloraGro 2ml
  • FloraBloom 4ml
  • Cal-meg 4ml
  • Molasses 1 tsp
    Keep in mind this nutrient schedule is for FLOWER and NOT Vegetation.

Next is the Afghani strain i have in the grow box that I built for myself.
I do not have an air pump set up with my grow jars, so I don't use molasses with them. Truth be told I'm not sure if molasses would make the nutrients in the jars clump up if I was using an air pump. Like I said I'm still learning myself, but these are my measurements for early to mid veg...

  • FloraMicro 1ml
  • FloraGro 1ml
  • FloraBloom 1ml
  • Cal-meg 2ml
  • NO molasses
    I did try a small amount of molasses in one of my other jars and this is the result...
    The plant is stunted in it's growth and it has started flower too early. So... I suggest you guys learn from my mistakes and do not use molasses until flower or late-veg. Regardless the plants are still growing well and should have some nice bud for the summer. In my next post I will give you guys and update on the rest of my set-up.

Soo.. until next time and I hope everyone's work week moves by quickly!

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Good analysing done my friend! I have never thought that sweet molasses are used for planting too.. But i will be following your advise not to use it until the time.

Yea.. having a great week and looking forward to your informative updates :)


thanks man, have a good one.