Veggie/Cannabis garden update

last year

Hey everyone :)

Today out in the yard I finally finished up tilling the soil that wil be used for the new garden.
Now i still have alot of compost to work into the ground, but after a few mixes its time to let it sit for a week or so.

Before I started processing the ground in this spot, it used to be a dry and hot patch of sand and rocks..So I also mixed in a few big bags of sawdust to maintain the moisture in the ground.

This garden will be the new grow area for my Skunk No.1 Seedlings once they have outgrown their life in the pots, but in the meantime i will be sprouting and growing a selection of veggies for the household. The gardening bug has bitten me earlier last year, and since then i just want to grow more plants!

The bricks around the garden area looks shitty right now haha, but its is a temporary outline of where the garden edges will be once im finished getting this corner of the yard ready as my dedicated growing area 🍃

Just to the right of the garden i have this...

Im not sure what im doing here yet, im considering turning it into a fully automated hydroponic system or just a drip watering system. The rack has 5x 5m long drain pipes, each with 8 holes drilled in for the pots.

This will most likely be used for some veggies aswell, but soon we might add sort of a roof over the area with shadownet....the idea of an automated system for all my cannabis plants in veg stage is already stirring around in my head ;)

Im curious to see what this empty looking area will be like when filled with plant life!^^


Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of the garden, and thank you for taking the time to check in on my post! :)


Stay high ;D

Is marijuana addictive? Yes, in the sense that most of the really pleasant things in life are worth endlessly repeating.
—Richard Neville
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That’s a really nice space. Hopefully you get enough sunlight there.

Looking forward to see how things look in some months.


Hey thanks man :) light shouldnt be an issue as the spot gets direct sunlight for most part of the day, i will need to put up a cover of some sort so it doesnt heat up as much and dry out the soil too fast.

oh very nice , such cool grow space ,i can imagine there too green :)


Thank you :)

Cool grow setup, when that hydro setup is running you'll have a huge supply - nice one!


Thanks man, a huge supply is the main goal ;P


Haha no joke, your tolerance that high? :p


Thankfully I keep my tolerance low with breaks lol, but got to grow alot to share the green love 🌿