My first post :)

last year

Hey everyone!

Im happy to join the smoke network ^^

A bit about me:

Im 21 living in South Africa, and I absolutely love cannabis! Another key interest of mine is crypto(Long live blockchain!)
I love growing cannabis, and im excited to share photos of my plants with you!

Here is a sneak peek at the Skunk No.1 flowers im currently growing:

This one is the oldest one im currently growing(I think its a hermie :( ).

Im still pretty new to the world of growing cannabis, im excited to learn from everyone here.

These are seeds that I popped a few weeks ago, hoping to get a couple of really strong females out of the bunch.

Thats all for now, untill next time!
Stay high friends ;)

#firstpost #growingweed #cannabis #smoke

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Welcome, Glad to see more growers come join the community

That first plant is a beast should yield pretty good


Hey thanks for the welcome ^^

Im hoping it will be a good yield!

Welcome to the network! :D


Hey thanks! :P

Looks very promising. Beautiful plants. Wish you a good harvest.
Will follow you, greetings from Germany


Hey thanks! Its great to meet you here :)


Also nice to meet you here. :-)
Sorry for the late reply, a lot to do lately.
Good smoke my friend

Welcome :)

What strains are you growing? Do you have a favourite?


Hey there! Thanks for the welcome :)

At the moment im only growing a single strain(Skunk No.1 ), but im looking to grow a few different ones in 2019

Grandaddy Purple has to be my most favorite, ill be looking to get a few seeds from it aswell


Ah, a classic strain, nice!

Keep us posted with your grow's progress 👍

Still a beautiful looking plant and a great start. Good luck with the seeds and welcome to the network!


Thank you ^^

Wow that Skunk #1 plant is a monster!!!! Welcome to Smoke!!!


hey, and it still has a while to go! I cant wait too see the size of it in a couple of months :p
Thanks for the welcome :)

Welcome to :) Make great posts and get rewarded awesomely :)


Thanks for the welcome :)

Welcome bud!

Daym thats a pretty big tree for a SA grower. You see this competition?

I think you could win.


Hey @stoner thanks for the welcome :)

You will be surprised too see just how big the cannabis trees are here in South Africa ;)
Wow i havent seen that yet but im definitely going to enter, Thanks!

Edit: I just noticed you are the founder of smoke! Wow nice to meet you man!
Awesome community you have here, im excited to see what the future has in store for this platform ^^


Awesome! I'm also a Zaffer. Live in Cape Town.

I'm not sure how many growers will be entering that comp as most the big tree growers are selling their crops illegally still. ;)


Now thats even more awesome! You are one of the few Zaffers ive met on here or steemit ^^

Very true lol, we will have to wait and see.

Keep up the good work man!

Welcome to smoke man, your grows are doing pretty well no doubt.. Glad to have you here, will keep an eye for updates on your grow. Much love 💝


hey thanks for the warm welcome ^_^