Garden Update #2

last year

Hey guys!

So this week I added a lot of new plants to the garden(mostly veggies) and changed a few things around to better "accomadate" the plants... :p
Most of the new plants I got basically for free as weak seedlings, not expecting much of them to survive outside, but just look at them now!


Well 7 0f the 50 seedlings did die off, but im happy that all the pots got filled. The other few seedlings were planted elsewhere. This system can hold 40 pots, and soon im hoping to make the watering of them automated in some way, either with hydroponics or just a simple drip irrigation system .


This week we saw quite a bit of rain and some heavy winds, so I had to move the cannabis seedling under some cover. Im happy to say that they are enjoying their new corner and all of them are stretching fast.


And strangely enoug it seems that the odd one in the group is stretching the fastest of them all:


I even have a few veggie seedlings growing here aswell, here is a bean plant that will soon be planted in the new garden.


And finally, the monster in my back yard has been hungry for alot of nutrients this week 👾


The top branches have seemed to start slowing down in growth, but there is still alot of stretching overall. The bottom branches however have been showing some good signs:


Evem though its not the beautiful seedless female I hoped it to be, I can still use the seeds its produced for future propagation.


Look at all those seeds! :o


Thanks for popping in :) Feel free to check out my profile on steem here


Stay high! ;)

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.”
― Bob Marley

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That’s a gardening project I’m going to keep looking forward to. 🌱


Hey thanks man, more updates coming soon :)

Nice looking garden man, Sucks to see you lose a few seedlings but you seed to have lots to take it's place


Hey thanks man :) Yep losing seedlings is part o the grow process, ive learned to always grow a few extra to fill the gaps

Awesome, keep updating us please!!!


Thanks, will do :)

What strains did you plant and where are the seeds from?
Very nice setup and nice big monster you have going. Hope your neighbours don't give you a hard time/


Hey there, all the seeds i planted are the Skunk No.1 strain that i got locally here in South Africa :)
My neigbours smoke with me, so i might just have to keep watch on the plant so they dont take buds while im not looking ;P

If the plants were cannabis, wouldn't you need to transplant them from the small pots to larger pots? So the drainage system would work for a while but then you'd need to go horizontal at some point?


Definitely, this system will just be used for the smaller plants in veg, all the larger plants will be moved to the ground or larger pots :)

That is a real green, healthy monster in your backyard. A real sweet monster to have.


haha thanks man :)

So much life!

Wanted to leave a late upvote, and what do I think, a great contribution. Real beautiful plants man. I wish you a fat harvest with a lot of THC. :-)


Hehe thanks man! :)

Wow i really like the way you build your garden it really nice


Thank you :)

Great impressions! I will continue to watch your project with great interest.


Thanks :)

Nice work man looks to be coming along nicely.


Thanks man :)