The harvest time and update on other canna plants 🌱🌱🌱

5 months ago

Hi all! This is G Gardener.
Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.

What a last night harvest of Mass Shooter Auto, have not weighed it yet, but should be something close of what I expect from them. This is my second harvest on MSA.


Drawing Drawing

I had harvested it in 57 days after flowering.

Drawing Drawing

Last time I had 63.8 gms precisely. This below two photos are from last time harvest of MSA, the one on the right is just before harvesting.

Drawing Drawing


Keeping the humidity around 50-55, though I prefer it in the 55-62 range.

I doubt this to to be Purple G Cookies, but will be very sure during flowering. Growing into 4×4 tent.

This Tangie auto is next to go the harvest, might be this coming week.




Finally, Blue Hurricane growing strong.

Thanks for your time :)

#greenherb #life

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Wow .... these are incredible. You have an amazing Garden there. Keep posting and Powering up .... you will soon have 1 Million Smoke Power with Original Content like this.... upsmoked and resmoked. Are you on Youtube too ? I will go Subscribe and like all your videos.


thanks brother! Not there yet, collecting resource at the moment 🎃


You're not collecting shit, you lying sack of fucking dog shit. You're using your alts and cashing out your smoke. You're one of the biggest sellers. Don't act like you're "collecting resource" because in reality, you're "selling resource" you retarded pile of dog shit. LOL. You've sold me some of the most smoke over time, with all your cashing out. ;-)

You're so obvious, you invalid. Retards like you are why smoke has been declining. Lucky for dipshits like you, I keep pumping it, with minimal help from others. I'm eating up this fucking market again here soon tho, when price drops back to actual, no worries little bitch.


Hello! Am I not independent? I don't need to prove you anything you insane prick.

Yes, I sold smoke, so what? I have never sold smoke for so low, there are other people who are selling smoke that low.

I have also tried to increase the price by making higher orders. My most orders are just in below there, hopefully will get sold once the price crosses 0.1 or above. Also you need to understand the fact that we need a trading volume, if we get a trading volume of zero then that is a problem too.

Have you ever thought apart from your ill talking, if we get delisted from rudex, then what? We need to pump the price but side by side we need to maintain a decent trading volume of may be 3k, 5k smoke

I'am a well wisher of, I never want this platform to degrade. You can believe me or you are free to spit out your sweet words :)

How many strains you have going at one time?


I have Blue hurricane, Tangie, cbd, also some random seeds running now.


He's got quite a bit, he posts from his different accounts so he can maximize the earnings by pretending to be other people and self voting in addition to the votes he's getting from pretending to be different people. He's even pretending to be women (Or actually is a woman and is pretending to be men. Either way...)

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Likely split it up among accounts, so that people like indica wouldn't realize they were voting the same person, because if they knew that, they might vote with less voting weight. It's the same tactic I used on my main cluster, to get that retarded bitch indica to vote on me more powerfully. It works, for sure. ;-) This little bitch knows!