New Phlizon lights and CBD's

5 months ago

Hi all! This is G Gardener, Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.

The new CBD cob growing white and bright, damn lovely and amazing to glance into it. Short but a powerful plant, 61 days old now and is nearly ready for harvest.


Blue Hurricane seems getting tall than the way I wanted and might have to figure out to solve this out.



Going to light my second cree cob led lights up tonight. Got two of them each being 1000w by Phizon. These run 3 degrees lower then the previous group of 3 which I had from Sunrise. From Sunrise, yea the summer gonna be awesome now 🎃




After work, a bit of mass shooter auto bowl to refresh one self. This is my own grow harvest recently, topping it up with shatter.

Thanks for your time :)

#greenherb #life

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Cool new lights!

Fantastic. Beautiful grow.

This is so lovely....I so need that Right now😩😍

I like all of the colors on the plant in the first picture! It looks so beautiful to me! They all do really but the first one is so much better to me! Beautiful!

Good pictures!!! Resmoke!!!💪🏻😉😉