Mass shooter growing well, while Blue Hurrucane test is on 🌱

last month

Hi all! This is G Gardener.
Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.

Blue hurricane sprouts is coming up nicely as the test run is on. Tomorrow or may be tonight two more are coming up in the tent.

Mass shooter auto just couple of weeks away from flushing, will have to wait a month to chop her i think.

Tangie auto, ain't it looking great

My little vegetation photos, sunflowers and watermelon sprouted.

ggardener banner final.jpg

Thanks for your time :)

#greenherb #life #autoflowers

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Wow ... incredible photos. Vegetables are great companion plants for cannabis. They all love that red and blue spectrum light.


Companying since a very long time haha!


I was always tempted to cross pollinate cannabis with my tomatoes and other herbs.... imagine THC infused tomatoes... pasta sauce, .... get stoned with zucchini and cucumbers could it be done ?


like the tomacco on the simpsons? :P

crisper'ing bamboo to grow nugs would be OP


Yes. Let’s try it. Could be big .... some would call it Franken-weed .... I’m sure we could come up with some better names .... zucchinibbis tomativa tomindica

Beautiful pictures 😍💚 They make me like this 🤤


no joke got me salivating haha