Gardening Purple G Cookies 🌱🌱🌱

7 months ago

Hi all! This is G Gardener, Gardening has been real fun to me, i love it and it makes me complete, especially caretaking the magical green herb.

G Cookies in it's 5gal is flipping into a flower. The time period taken is 8 weeks in veg.

ggardener 12488.jpg

ggardener 1214.jpg

Drawing Drawing

ggardener 452494.jpg

My backyard pretty flowers are ready to bloom

ggardener 58348.jpg

ggardener 55657.jpg

I love smoking rosin into my bowl, being my favorite way these days. Goes easier, straight dabs, no lungs pressure 🎃

ggardener 8795.jpg

White Rhino rosin on the menu, topping some grass on top.

Wishing all a happy smoking day!

Thanks for your time :)

#autoflower #greenherb

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coming along nicely! :)


Thank you @indica

Looks good! You have good methods for the branches I see!

That bowl looks yummy