HKG/Hong Kong Gooy overlook!!

9 months ago

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Your plant is just amazing.... I have to ask something since you have defoliated the plant in this video... I´ve been defoliating my girls during the flowering stage, do you think it will weaken the colas if fan leaves are taken off before the buds reach maturity? I´ve been trimming one of my Green Poisons I´ve posted yesterday.. can you please check the 1st, 2nd and last images on this post and advice if trimming the fan leaves were ok? Thanks in advance.


They look great man. You can take certain water leaves off and like clean up the buds some let more light through. Just start at the base of the plant and take the biggest first stage water leaves off. Just leave at least 4 to 6 water leaves at the top of every limb or bud. That way ur plant can still continue to draw from them leaves. But doing so and leaveing the second and 3rd stage water leaves. That will promote the growth for them. Any small suckers branches or limbs that are way smaller than other limbs u see, take them off. There just waisting energy that could be going to bigger buds