Today, I did a thing to the thing...

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5 months ago

Ok so I did something today that it was time forD8B58ECD-B60F-4B6F-9790-781AFE9EA789.jpeg0AD446EC-A64C-4CE2-8C23-199AC439E1C6.jpeg
I transplanted my cherry into her forever potD9555E54-BA50-4FDA-B7DA-8628C09E8B05.jpegWith it in early flower stage went ahead and did a defoiliation and took some of the big bulky leaves off and some of the more insignificant leaves 36692AEC-E9E5-434E-8982-C3E59B595424.jpegACEEC7F0-6E94-485D-A837-26057193DE03.jpeg978A4E18-8C7D-4324-99C6-DDA68DE32DE5.jpegF9C25589-D42E-4023-9D1F-C243D2BC7787.jpeg
And the result was nice let’s hope the yield is good 43E57041-8DBA-4BBF-878C-6075198B9E39.jpeg
And then there were flowers popping up367B2D4B-6681-4B76-9928-535676502538.jpeg3FADAE93-4FB0-46D8-9B73-9AC68A0BF250.jpegBAFFA5D5-22CA-49CF-930A-F769EA5D4C96.jpeg

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I am not good in gardening ..thanks for sharing your thoughts. I admire your cannabis plant and the way it grow.☘️


Thanks! I’m still learning myself, it just helps to put content up and get as much feedback as possible.

LOOKing good so far can’t wait to see it fill out.