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8 months ago

So I cut some “clones” Kind of from the bottom of big mama and rooted them in solo cups1E23DF40-3020-4212-8702-9B804F8F41DE.jpeg4E68F09B-2B39-4F35-AB86-3A01191A055E.jpeg I think I cut the them way too late they had pistils coming out when I cut them but they took root so I put them under the little light 05560ED1-194E-4CB1-962F-365EE9EB5320.jpeg8C17C487-6E04-4029-807B-43D5C5566F5F.jpeg
Got them under the red light FF4EB73F-9F56-4BAC-8823-095E2FB36E6C.jpeg3E80B844-BD49-49E8-B4ED-66D2F68A076D.jpegand the blue light 2AD4BD2B-67D1-4CCB-BD76-43CFACFA16E3.jpegB34C645E-DD83-428A-A0D2-A7D8360AF841.jpegI have had it under the purple spectrum the majority of the light cycle. I had it on 24 hours of light for the past 3 days i’m going to switch to a 20-4 light schedule. The weird part about those clones is they have buds started so we will see how they turn out. I have two seedlings also kind doing a mock clone and germination experiment.F1F59EEE-0FB5-465E-99B6-9E095AFAA7AB.jpeg5B899777-43CE-46C6-BC0C-C8AB0E39D0ED.jpeg before 72 hours under the light.7A62B21D-E2B9-4F42-BB90-D7F05D3211EC.jpeg57260825-5870-471F-AF78-AA6D4F3902A7.jpeg after 72 hours of light

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They seemed to have perked up quickly.

You're "cloning" is sucessful as i have seen it. The leaves grow very fast and it looks healthy.. Good job ☘️

Looks like it has been successful 👍

I'm taking cuttings of an acer tree hoping they root, closest thing to weed I can grow haha

Cover them with ziplock bags even in the dome. More humidity the quicker they root and only spray the leaves with water as opposed to watering the plant in a normal way, that way the roots would want to come out because they are actively seeking water. You can perhaps water it normally once a week, but only a bit. Should be done rooting in 10 days if you are lucky perhaps even less time.