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2 months ago

A couple days ago I posted some results to a mistake I thought to be detrimental4195302D-D275-4919-8AB0-8D22494CABED.jpeg8BED61EF-5B3A-43AB-A518-98EABAE33F3E.jpeg
When I put my babies out in the unforgiving heat!!, and highly miscalculated my watering they got cooked0D4955CA-48A5-4BB0-AA3D-F02D1C3C2B9F.jpeg
Well I made a make-shift grow domed out of the ziploc bag and put over them...90CDA7FC-2E6F-45C2-9011-B8C094EF469E.jpeg
They opened up for me and look a little more healthier. Used a hydrogen perodixde (3%) and water mixture, and left them under a fluorescent light over night. I’m guessing they sucked that down, so we will see what happens next post transplant prep

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You're lucky friend. So the growth points are okay! I wish you and your plants further success.


Yeah I got real lucky I think

# Wow! is your plan. Hopefully this work can take you to a more beautiful stage in the future. I will always encourage you and your work on beautiful platforms is amazing.