Progression is bliss, lots of pics

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5 months ago

Like I said this a very basic growing method of sunlight and water and I’m planning on germinating 2 more cherry wine seeds and getting some Fox Farm soil and nutrients, but for now enjoy 46C83CAD-DB79-4A4E-994A-07B971D8E95D.jpegJust wanted to post some updated pictures, the plant is starting to look real nice. The progression is good check it out.EBFB3766-0D3B-458D-8A63-647D370F44D1.jpegD7161359-2A5B-4347-AC98-E53A60DBAEDD.jpeg5F5CF964-13F0-4529-BBA3-F2804167BA01.jpeg135F0501-ECCF-4B07-93E9-3B82420531A9.jpegCCDA5FA7-A94C-4805-AFEC-2B6DB903D557.jpeg
These are pics 2 days later the growth is crazy.
This picture had me a little worried with the leaves reaching up like that, I’m guessing the temp change outside had something to do with that ()A65F2192-E96C-49EA-BC5E-F0FEF05DA637.jpeg32DCD6E6-E3FB-4D91-9638-D4B83B23E6A0.jpeg
Only got 3 fingered leaves right now but she’s growing3F3D295D-B5FB-4180-B77C-BDFB3B63BEFB.jpeg
I placed her under a fluorescent light for an hour to get some extra light at night C3BD1014-5E16-4ED3-B910-5EF0970FC65F.jpeg5A371948-CE08-48CC-B0A9-CE4528EA024E.jpeg6113C093-73ED-4501-A1D7-127EC66C65B6.jpeg18E32A2A-6077-4B3D-86B1-8514079B43EA.jpeg
Hope you enjoyed the pics thanks

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Great color, look very healthy

Great progress 👍

U will reap the fruit of your labor