Very Angry !!!! Thieving Bastards !!

in #grow
21 days ago

Went to water the plants i am looking after for a friend and some bastard had been in and chopped off 4 big heads.!!? Just lucky they never took it all...

Im staying up at his tonight incasse they comer back

They cut the head off this cream caramel but left the rest !!

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Gutted. Maybe animals ate it?


Not unless they can use
Nah pretty sure it was one of the nieghbours...


Ye know what they say "never trust a hippy" 😂


This is literally the exact same picture as this post:

Not a single bit of it different. LOL. A re-post of the same pic, love it.


Ffs.of course its the same pic...i never took one after it had been chopped...


Just found the mute button....ltr

Then how about you don't illegally grow? :-) Serves you right. If it was legal, it'd be on his property or in his house. You've clearly taken steps to hide it by placing it near those formations and you should just be happy you aren't in prison. ;-) Oh, except now I'm making sure to report this to the agencies I keep touch with too. Looks like AZ climate from most of your posts, a place where it's still illegal, I guess I'll start with American authorities. LOL.


Are you fukin seríous way....lmao.. Carry on and good luck with that... Twat....

Its actually legal where i am anyway.., assclown