12 days till harvest

in #grow
10 days ago

The trusty tent is up and cranking..
Few picture of the ladies.

Im running these strains..
deli friend
Super iced grapefruit(from what i am told)

super iced grapefruit ⬇️


Deli friend⬇️






Happy days.. not long till they get the chop..
Love the strong smell they all give off..
Happy weekend to you..
Puff on peoples 🤟✌

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nice grow, what media are you using?


I grow all in cocofibre and perlite mix.
Always a clean stable ph to start with and also flushes very easy..


Whats a clean and stable PH for Coco, perlite mix?


6.8 is a good ph to start with in soil. Strong start helps for a strong finish :)

Very nice! This is what I aspire to be. A great grower, and one with great patience. Mad respect.


Thanks. 🤟