SCROG...what is it and how to build your own cheap

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This is my first actual post so bear with me please. I've just been reading a lot of everyone's posts to get a good feel for this community. I have seen a lot of post about training but not a whole lot about a SCROG so I figured this would be a good first. I was happy to finally find a place I can talk openly about growing. I've always been the type of person to help out a fellow mate and spread the knowledge.

You may have heard or seen the results of a SCROG setup. Screen of green or SCROG is a type of, well, screen you put over your plants to train them to keep a level canopy instead of growing like a pine tree. It is extremely effective at utilizing the most out of the light you provide and is great for keeping those stretchy plants like tall growing sativa's under control. For maximum amount of smokable buds this is the way to go with little stress on your plants. Alright so you wonder how can I do this and get more buds! Well there can be many ways to do this with a little creativity but here's how I did it! I'll try to get the best photos I can of my setup as I have currently just started my grow back up and are currently using my SCROG setup.

This setup was less than 20$ and I got all my parts from my local Menards, but any hardware store should have everything you need!

Parts needed,

1\2 in. pvc piping (depending how big you want yours will depend on how many pieces you get, I used 2 10 foot pieces for my 3x3 build)

Qty of 4, three way 90 degree corners (one side should be threaded which is to screw in the legs)

Qty of 4, straight connector with on side being a 1\2" npt (threaded) and the other end is for the piping)

A box of 3\4" screws (I used the ones that look like they have a washer on the head of the screw for better string hold, I also used self taping for ease of use)

The last thing you need is a spool of string. 550 paracord is fairly cheap so that's what I used.

So now you have all the parts needed and now all you have to do is measure your grow space you have and start figuring out what lengths you need. Just remember to take some length off your spreader bars for the length of the corner connectors.

After you have your 4 outside frame pieces cut you can start dry fitting them and make sure it will fit in your grow area. If it doesn't fit just trim some off the pieces you cut and try again till you have it all good.

Alright now you can decide how tall you want your screen above your plants and get ready for the legs. When figuring out the length remember the straight fitting with the threads will be added to the end of the legs to attach it to the frame. So now you have everything where you want it and if the height is off you can always trim more off the legs or cut new ones. I try to get my screen approx. 8-10 inches off the top of my container.

Well now that you have the frame all sized up and put together, now you can start figuring out the gaps for the screw. There is no magical number here but I try to stay with 2-3 inch spacing. Mark some dashes down the side poles and after that you can start screwing. try to get the screws in the center of the pvc. If you don't have the self taping screws I would recommend to pilot drill the holes first with a drill bit a little smaller than the diameter of the screw.

Well now all you have to do is the most time consuming part so if you need a break this would be the time to burn fatty and get ready to start running the string. Start on one corner and just keep running it across from where your at. Once you finish one way then you will start to do it all over again going perpendicular to what you just did until you have something that looks like a grid. I used a corner to make my transition so I didn't cut the string at all.(check out first pic up top) Here is a couple other pics on how I ran my string around the screws and tied it off at the end

Note how I wrapped the string around the screw.

I used a slip type knot at the end to adjust tightness

Well now you have your homemade SCROG and are now ready to grow some killer buds! Well now that you have it and when your plants are tall enough to put the screen on, now what to do? This is the easy part, ready...….all there is to it is, once the branch is long enough, you just tuck it under into the next square.

After the plant is a fairly healthy size I will start to remove any growth that is under the screen such as fan leaves and little shoots that wont make it to the top. I do this to let the plant not waste any energy on useless branches and let it focus on the top where the light is the best.

During veg I also pinch off some of the large fan leaves to allow light to the smaller shoots that will turn into buds during flowering. Once I'm close to the time to flower I will leave most of the leaves but will keep trimming under the screen thru flowering phase.

LED doesn't have the greatest penetration and this helps with keeping a level canopy with even lighting. Note: this setup works great with any lighting and there is many configurations on how you make your SCROG but the most important part is to have fun and be creative! You can make any shape but square or rectangle are the easiest. The internet is a great thing and can always search SCROG and you will have unlimited info and other pictures for more ideas.

Well I hope I've been able to keep this to an easy understanding and if I missed something feel free to leave it in the comments! I'll try and keep up with some more post on how my setup is going as I wish I had more flower result pictures. With a little patience and some tender love you can now grow some massive plants and utilize all of your limited grow area. Thanks for reading! Happy trails everyone and till next time smoke on and stay high!

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hell of a post! nice to meet you looking forward to seeing more of your work, you should check out @canna-curate

Congrats on your first post and welcome to Smoke!

This is an excellent post and could serve as an example to many actually experienced writers coming here just for the bucks and totally underdelivering.

Great work. 🦇


Thanks! Im glad to be here and for me the money is secondary to spreading my knowledge and helping fellow growers.


That’s the spirit. And with content like that, your stake will grow quickly.

Glad to have you here. 🦇

Nice article. Very informative. Upsmoked and resmoked to get this article out there!

This is a really awesome first post! I love DIY Grow Projects. Thanks for sharing this information with the community.

Well your first post has made quiet an impression. A very informative post and one that was actually missing in detail.

Great build, I just built a 2x2 the other day that is similar. I chose to drill holes through the pvc to run my string rather than using screws. Easy and affordable. Keep on growing

Very cool... I need to build one now.


welcome to smoke

Nice, useful post, re smoking it!!

Some wonderful tips and this actually looks essential for the kind of grow I am planning / not to mention also a lot of fun! Thanks for very practical tips anyone can follow.


Anytime i can help I will! These setups are fun if you like diy prodjects. They can be made any size and with patience it WILL increase total harvest! Good luck on your future grow!

Love it! Resmoked for reference for when I can finally grow again :)

Welcome to Smoke 🔆

Fantastic post! I'm waiting on my Menard's 11% rebate to get here and I'm going to use your set up! Thank you!!!!