How much Watt Power do i need for my first grow?

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Hello smokers,

I'm currently planning my first growth. I already have the tent, also the exhaust air. But the topic of LED lamps is still open and here I am dependent on your help.

The grow will be done with a low budget. The tent is 40x40x160 cm. 2 Chilis and 1 of our loved plants should grow in it.

Can you tell me how much watts of light power is needed?

Is a 45 Watt panel like this enough? I already own a similar model but i dont know if it gives enough light for the plants. My Chilis grow very well under it but is it enough to grow cannabis?

Or does it have to be more? If so, can you say something about this light here?

Or do you prefer other lights? My Budget for a new light is about 50-70 Euro. (Links to growlights on are welcome, is also ok).

Since the tent will be in my bedroom everything should be as quiet as possible.
Do you have any other ideas for lamps?

Many thanks for your help.

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So 50 to 70 euros is what around 100 cdn, I would go with this kind if you can

I have one like this not this model, this looks better than mine and it works great in a 2x2 space

Here is another ok light for around 100 bucks

I would use 100 Watt panel but this is not an advice because I never grew weed

oh, hello, hello! Another German grower! Nice to have you around. Herzlich Willkommen. Meine Pflanzen wachsen unter der Sonne, darum kann ich dazu gar nix sagen, aber mit einer Antwort von @skylinebuds bist du hier definitiv sehr gut bedient, already! : )

for a well-priced but still quality grow light i would suggest a quantum board setup. there are a couple of trusted sellers on alibaba that friends and others online have dealt with with success. look for kingbrite and meijiu.
for that space i would reccommend 60-85w of QB lighting.
if you want help picking an exact light out i am happy to help. good luck!

Thanks a lot for asking this here, I hope you got the answer you need. Please keep asking questions like that, these real Q&A give value to