Are my seeds real? What do you pay for seeds?

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last year

Hello, some time ago I ordered very cheap seeds from China.
It should be purple shaman seeds.
They look pretty small, though. For comparison, I have a match next to it.
Are the seeds in your opinion real?
A Picture:
Image of maq0ab

A total of 100 pieces should have been in the pack. Of the 10 tested so far, not one has germinated. Whether directly in soil, in water or in slightly damp paper.

I would also like to know how much you pay for seeds? Again and again I see micro-grows and I think that the seeds must be really cheap, so that the plants are kept extra small.
At our prices of 10-25 euros per seed, I would rather go for full size and yield and not micro-grow.

So what do you think. Are the seeds real? And what do you pay for your seeds in your country?

Edit: uploaded the picture with better quality

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from China you say? that is probably not gonna be all that good? is it even legal there ... no
yes they are small. what do you expect? jack and beanstalk? they are cannabis seed sized looking to me. how are you germinating them? In the light or out the light? you need to germinate in the dark place where they can try to stretch for the light. i.e. under soil or in a drawer. keep wet and warm.

Photo is really hard to tell, I pay any place from 10 to 25 Canadian dollars a seeds, I always try to get mine when the sites I use have good sales.

I also get them from the odd bud I get off buddys or internet.