Time for a good flush

last year

what are some different ways u hydro growers flush ?this one I just dropped Ppm a bit then it’s just ph ed water for the last few days in about fours days


I’ve had mixed results on flushing and not with hydro and for how long . I understand but that one time I didn’t I could taste every last molecule of salt buildup . And I’m trying to time this strain to where what’s left in leaves will suffice till harvest . This strain is also super dark .
Strain is fire og

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I have always understood it takes 7 to 14 days and you do it by not adding any more nutrients. I only grow organically and I don't add any liquid nutrients myself. So I never personally have to worry about flushing chemicals out of my plants because liquid nutrients are just that a chemical mixture of who knows actually what. I don't trust big corporations.

Those are in perfect condition for some nice close ups... the deep purple would look awesome 💪

Very healthy look, good luck I know what you mean with rinsing 😅

  ·  last year

Plant looking fine....