[Side Grow]The Autos just popped

last year

Incredible how stress and environmental factors come into play in what a plants leaves grow like, heres my first ever autos just popped, got them in 3 gals pots in dark matter living organic soil. Anyone running amnesia or sweet tooth from Canuk?




#Welcometotheworld #weed #smoking #indica #takemebacktolondon

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Awesome.... I love seeing these little sprouts. Beautiful baby cannabis.

  ·  last year

Love to see seeds sprouting ! kinda my favourite part .


Mine too.... so much promise. So much potential.. all those developing Cannabinoids ready to help save so many lives....


damn happy when I saw 'em too


Same here! They're such cute little things! To think about the end result as well makes my mouth water! It's so cool to see something so small turn into something so big and beautiful. Big and beautiful reminded me of BBW, big beautiful women. This is gonna be BBB! Big Beautiful Buds! :P