New Grow with Lemon Berry OG Seed

last year


Recently started a Lemon Berry OG seed. It was slow starting and i almost threw it out but decide to play with it a bit longer. Is it common for a seedling to top itself after the first set of leaves or just bad genetics?

Thanks for looking ✌️✌️

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How old boet?


Started it on the 5th. So 3 weeks or so. Its small thats why i almost gave up on this one.


If it doesn't cost you vital space/resources to keep it going. I'd say you should just about never discount a plant based on it's initial growth. As I saw @tecnosgirl say down below, sometimes the plant that grows slow and struggles, is just taking it's time and it will flourish into something beautiful and possibly more potent than what you're usually going to get.

Just as with humans, plants are all individuals, even clones. They will sometimes take longer than what's considered "normal" to get up to par, but when they do, they can sometimes exceed the abilities of the other specimens. :)

  ·  last year

Good luck with it .I'll let someone with grow knowledge advise you looks quite strong though.....


Thanks man, luck is surely needed

Sometimes the slow growing ones that struggles in the beginning grows to be some of the dankest cannabis you will grow. Some Plants like some humans grow at a slower rate but just because they grow slower doesn't mean it won't be great.

I almost asked how you topped it so early, then i read it. Thats pretty cool. Look at the slow growth as its trying to grow twice as much with only half the energy.

I've rarely ever seen a plant top without it being done intentionally. Might you have accidentally applied too much pressure to the main node during the earlier stages? I'm sure it can and probably does happen from time to time with certain strains or grow conditions. At least it can be looked at as a positive thing. More branches = More buds, typically. :)

Also, Lemon Berry OG is a great strain to grow if you prefer taste to high. It's got one of the best flavours of all the different strains. I might be biased because of my love for berry and lemon flavours in particular, but I digress. :)