[My Grow] keeps growing vertically

last year

Holla to 'em CDG12 community


This lil stalk doesn't want to seem to thicken up. It's just growing vertically. I had to support it, there's a fan blowing over the plant 24/7 so the plant is moving constantly 🤷‍♂️ using a QB at 100% so it is definitely not stretching for light... vivo20200106-225002.png

Just flipped this tiny one to flower.


#indica #smoke #cannabis #weed

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What strain are you trying to grow? A sativa dominate strain is known for stretching a lot in the early flowering period.

Look back at some of my JCExtreme grow logs. The stretch on that plant was amazing. I grew outdoors in ample sun, it’s just the genetics.

Not only the stretch, sativas are also known for longer flowering periods.



Thanks for the insight, I guess I will Start adding silica to every feed and water, t'will probably make it stronger

Also, I'm afraid it'll outgrow my space. I'll likely be setting up a trellis net and spreading it out a bit more..

I had a few do that .... I always find it so hard to prune them though.