Leaves Up but Curling|Environmental changes I guess 🤷

last year

I cant, for the life of me figure out what is going on here ,leaves up but curling .everything else is fine .
Temp in room is 71.1
Ppms now 515 . Res. Temp 65 .ph 5.8.
Vegged in the room in pic,brought outside to flower and the leaf curling started . Only .moved indoors during hot times of day to see if temp was the issue or ventilation cause it was doing great indoors. I've heard russet mites but I've had em once n this is different. Again 1st pic currently ,2nd pic was during veg.indoors only .



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It’s sun shock I experienced the same when I move my plants outdoor as well. Adjust your nutrients and it takes a few days for them to get use to the sun. Good luck man 🍀👍🏼


thanks for info🙋‍♂️.I will keep at it ,nutes are adjusted. Trying raw npk for the first time,phosphorus and potassium for flower. Also I moved her outdoors this happened two days later ,still can be sun shock?