Experimenting with clones

last year


does honey or how you cut the clone make a difference as to how fast and strong they root?
I decided to find out, will keep you guys and gals updated

Honey - straight cut
Honey - 45°
Honey - split down the middle

Just straight cut
Just 45° cut
Just split down the middle



Nice uhn?, Nice..cant wait to see the result either

#takemebacktolondon #weed #cannabis #research #indica

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Awesome experiments .... thanks for sharing. Learning so much here on Smoke.io


Thanks man

Same here tho, learning so much here

It's said that honey is good for rooting, but cinnamon is supposedly even better. It stimulates new root growth and it has anti-bacterial qualities to it, similar to honey. It is also moisture wicking though, so it will usually prevent root rot as well.


On top of all of that, it keeps certain types of bugs away and can even suffocate and kill some varieties. Definitely a good thing to have. I keep honey, cinnamon, and hydrogen peroxide for killing off pests and rooting new clones.