Anyone running a 2x2 tent?

last year

Before anything, am wishing you guys a happy new year.
I'm growing in a 4x2 closet and the smell is getting too much for my significant other, so looking for a tent and filter setup to throw in the closet.

I'm thinking two 2x2's, one for veg and one for flower.

Or should I got 4x2 and do all autos

Pic of my current setup.


Everything in the room smells dank lol. Including her scrubs which doesn't fly at the hospital which is a scent free zone 😅

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The 2x2 or 2x4 is great for veg but not so much for flowering unless you are growing small plants because of the height of those tents they are not that tall. I suggest a 4x4 tent as the height is great for flowering

Here is the difference of the height of a 2x4 and a 4x4 tent

yeah I have some stuff on top of the veg tent


Thanks for the insight, was even thinking of doing a 3x3 and with no autos and add another board, but I see 4x4 is better,

Nice setup and beautiful🤙@tecnosgirl


The 4x4 height is perfect for indoor flowering IMO I first got the 2x4 and had to get the 4x4 for the height because there just isn't enough room to flower in a 2x4 tent unless you are doing 100% solo cup grows. LOL

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Or.....if you don't find a better solution,you could try some "low odour "strains ?