The endproduct

in #grow
8 months ago

Here one of the first branches i cut yesterday
(Because of alot of rain i will have to go cutting alot from now on)


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I like good outdoorweed the best,its the sun energy over lamps that i prefer,the taste is great if one knows how to add not too much not too little!
I AM very aware of the fact that people tend to think outdoorweed is less stoned,but really,i AM doing outdoor for many years now and the stonedness of my plants is very much enough stoned,for me.


Same here. Sure, I love a great nug full of trichomes and even one that nicely knocks one out. Would probably always have some top level strains if legally available here.

But generally I prefer a smoother outdoor grow toke over a made "for max performance". And there is consensus anyway that as we age we become more sensitive to THC and need less of it.


I haven't noticed that lol If anything I have been needing more every year that passes lol

That’s some really nice buds. Always love it when I see such great outdoor harvests. Outdoor grows are underrated/under appreciated IMHO.

Looks healthy and waiting perfectly for it to be smoked be smoked when due

Nice nice. Have a nice weekend, greetings from germany