Backyard Cannabis Farming 2019 Episode 4: Optimal Organic Soil Formula, Creating a Raised In-Ground Bed, Protective Fencing - Minimizing Energy Consumption & Repurposing Materials

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This episode is all about physically forming your grow, as well as demonstrating how I am formulating my soil composition for this season. I include a breakdown of all the various components of each organic soil mix, and then explain how each mix compliments the other.



Moving the dirt I purchased by the yard ("super-grow blend") out of my truck was much easier than getting it in. After I shoveled out enough weight onto my tarp, I simply drove the truck forward, and let the rest slide out with the remaining tarp portion.



I also explain how I properly mixed two soil varieties and additional perlite manually (with a shovel), to get even distribution of all ingredients, and form an entirely new and custom mix for the season. I designed this mix for maximum plant nutrition, root development, mold, fungus, and rot prevention, proper drainage, and overall growth enhancement - without overspending, and also saving some hits to the environment as well.


Earth services included in this episode: minimizing the amount of bagged potting soil I purchased which saves on energy and plastic, using 80% repurposed materials for grow space construction, using a repurposed tarp to move dirt, and using all organic gardening methods.

The Evolution of a Raised Bed

Now that my grow-space is completely constructed, I can begin transplanting my #cannabis plants into their pots and raised bed, where they will remain until harvest. The three plants that will grow in the raised bed will outperform all the potted plants. This is due to the higher yield that will produce from the plant's roots having the opportunity to stretch into the Earth directly, and also having more space to grow outwards.


Since I am using fabric pots however, the roots in my pots actually will have a chance to stretch into the Earth somewhat, by growing through the bottom part of the bags (provided the pots are not moved after this happens - the roots will rip out otherwise).

Here is the series so far:

Episode 1: Planning Your Grow

Episode 2: Transplanting Cannabis, Organic Pest Control, Strain Varieties

Episode 3: Preparing Your Grow Space, Treating Burnt Plants

Please enjoy episode 4 of this year's Backyard Cannabis Farming series. Hopefully we all acquire wisdom for growing cannabis effectively and organically together.

From May 21-22, 2019

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Good setup mate.. I want to see the transplanting episode, hope i can learn some new things from it :)


Coming up in episode 5 buddy! Stay tuned.


Surely friend.. waiting eagerly :)

  ·  last year

Liking the raised bed man.


I am pretty proud of myself for re-purposing all that material into a beautiful grow box. Bless up bro.

Makes me miss my yard. Great set up, looking forward to seeing the monsters that are going to coming out of those huge pots!


Ditto to the max on that one! I actually want to use much bigger pots next season.


Are dose 50 gallon bags?