Back Yard Cannabis Farming 2019 Episode 1 - Planning Your Grow - Time of Deep Personal Transformation & About Time to Plant

10 months ago

I have been absent from smoke for the past couple weeks due to some profound unexpected spiritual growth. Someone extremely important to me has become part of my life again, and for that I am extremely grateful. The situation has also drawn up some seriously suppressed emotions, and is leaving me questioning much in my life.

It is however almost time to plant this year's garden here in Oregon, as the end of April approaches. In this video I speak on a few updates with me personally (including how I started dabbing again), and give a tour of my backyard grow area while discussing my plans for the 2019 cannabis season. I also offer advise on ways to anticipate problems in the Northwest region by being selective about your starts and growing style - plus some of the advantages to light deprivation greenhouses.

This is Episode 1 of a video series I will be posting throughout the 2019 growing season called Backyard Cannabis Farming. The 2018 version of this series can be found on Steem and Youtube.

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Good to have ya back - flower power man :) I've been meaning to order seeds for the past week, today will be the day. 10 plants will be a solid harvest, let the grows begin.


Yea I cannot wit to get some clones, and hopefully some heirloom seeds for other veggies, peppers, herbs, and berries from an online friend.

Enjoyed the catch up /tour ,look forward to seeing what you grow later dude.


It is majikal experiences in growing cannabis, I just hope I can balance out and regain my spirit energy in the process.


@elamental yeah ,well ,any garden time is only going to add some chill to the mix. : ) nice one.

Niiiice we are going to have lots of fun seeing those babies grow!!!



I hear you! Major transformations over here as well. I love your content, keep it up! Love & Light from Germany!


Thank you friend, follow you heart.

Im got to start following some of your grow tips! Thanks!


No problem buddy, everything I put up in this series is practical knowledge that is easy to digest for beginners and experts alike.



The majik of Oregon is no joke... people just don't know. Going on my second waterfall hike of the spring this weekend. You should strongly consider Oregon if you move.