Another MALE in the Garden?? (example) - Please Help Verify before Chop

6 months ago


I am 99% sure I have spotted another male in my garden. Unfortunately it is one of my 7 ft. tall Vampires, and will cut a huge chunk out of the overall crop yield this season once I remove it. Before I do however, I wanted to ask the Smoke community what their thoughts are.



I will keep this short and sweet, as I am still currently battling a myriad of other plant issues, and have to get back in the garden. Enclosed is a photo and a short video to show you what I am dealing with. I hope you other growers are having some better luck than I am right now - I am dealing with some of the worst grow issues, and all at the same time.

From August 6th 2019

Click pic below to play video

Bless & Blaze Up Bredren


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I watched your vid. Im sorry to say that really really looks like a male. The fact that your other plants are only showing the smallest pistils of the same variety is a big clue to me. Males will flower earlier than females. The fact that these have 'some kind of flowers' developed before the others is often a good way to determine sex. As far as your pic & vid show this is a male imho.

Dude I understand the anguish & mental pain of having to cut this big monster after so so much energy growing. All part of the life of nature.

As far as harvesting & making some use of this tall monster, you could start clipping leaves & start juicing. Raw cannabis plant material is packed full of THCVA & other non phycoactive cannabanoids that are extremely healthy & benefitual to the body.


I am actually a huge fan of Dr William Courtney's work regarding juicing cannabis fan leaves (which I will be doing to my other plant's leaves later), but th leaves on that plant are still covered in Safer Soap and Lime Sulfur. While those products are organic they are not necessarily good for human consumption. As en eco-activist and conservationist, I would have loved to make use f this plant somehow - it is just too high of a risk with such a small grow area and no buffer. It had to be destroyed. Ideally if I would have found out earlier and had more land I would have replanted it near a veggie garden as a companion plant far away from my cannabis garden.


Ah that's a shame about the pesticides. I had just read about your organic products use but didnt think about how recent you used it. Yeah. Better to be on the side of caution with that.
As far as planting a male "far away" that can be tricky. I have read some reports that pollen can travel from the wind over 2km away.


Yeah I wouldn't destroy it, make use of it 👍


I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's Got Male Pollen No Doubt...

It's a hermie! Cut that bastard. Confirm it here.


It looks like it is in fact a male... great article though. The best info I found in there was to take the first tops off you seed plants early, re-grow those indoor and force flower early on, which will tell you the sex of the mothers (or fathers), so you can replace any males much earlier in the season - great tip for the future. Thank you.


Glad it helped. Sucks to have to see another monster go.

I hope it's not a male, that would be very unfortunate. Resmoked for greater visibility 👍


Its a male unfortunately, all a part of becoming a more knowledgeable grower... I am taking it all in stride. Thank you for the support, I will post a video of us removing it soon... as sad as it will be to watch haha.

What strain is this male? It looks like quite a nice male. You can take a branch and chop it off and keep it in water under a light if you wanna harvest some of the pollen to make seeds so you have more seeds of this strain.

I highly suggest reading about breeding and that you consider the possibility of making some seeds even if you don't plan on breeding. You are growing from regulars so you can even try making some feminised seeds if you can make some STS or buy some colodial silver.

Love your posts. I also love Hip Hop!


The strain is called Vampire, and honestly my buddy has plenty of these seeds, and is also creating clones, so I do not currently have a need to harvest seeds. In addition, due to the limited space I have to live and grow, the risk of pollen contamination is way too high - overall, its just not worth it for me.

Someday when I am gifted proper facilities however, I will be breeding to create my own custom genetics.

Since there seems to be a decent amount of hiphop enthusiasts on this platform, I will likely post my new track on here that is going to release in a few days. I also have a music video being edited to go along with it, that will hopefully also be released in the not too distant future. Bless up.