Orange Sherbet auto HARVESTED. I started a thriving online business!

4 months ago

Havent posted for well over a year now since my daughter was born september of 2019. After 7+ years of working dead end 9-5 jobs I have finally found peace with my work. I started an etsy shop that has absolutely blessed me and my family since shortly after opening it. I racked up close to 2k sales on my 1st sales account but wanted to expand as much as possible. I wasn't able to sell my product on ebay due to my name being blacklisted due to a chain of false reports. I simply created another sales channel on etsy and marketed everything differently to trial it. I created my second sales account January 16th 2020 and it just hit 5,000 sales the other day 🥳🤯🤯 My original account was created November 2019 and is just under 2,000 sales. Crazy to think I've actually created a thriving source of income for my family all through craft art.
Heres an autoflower, Orange Sherbet, I cut down about an hour ago. After handling it my fingers literally smelled like I just ate an orange sherbet icecream pop.
Maybe I'll post about my Lemon Auto harvest thats coming up here in a couple weeks 😀 (Lemon Skunk x Lowryder #2)

#grow #harvest #autoflower #orangesherbet #sativacannabis #mainemade

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Looking good and glad to see you posting again


Thank you! I've got a lot coming in the future. Bought another tent thats much bigger strictly for my autos. Got some very good seeds coming too!

Congratulations on the success of your business and those "Maine" colas look really good!


Thank you!! Lol yeah not really true 'Maine' bud where it was indoor grown. Had the perfect mix of thick cloudy and amber trichomes think I chopped it down at the perfect time!

Due to a chain of false reports

Yea, I'm sure lol. Ebay is god-mode at customer service, conflict resolution is great when it comes to wrong orders/scams/etc., and that's why they've remained a titan of industry and didn't fail. I doubt they made a mistake with you and considering a lot of smoke has been illegal activity I doubt you're any different. It's funny to me how all these alt accounts keep popping back up tho, I guess covid is really putting the pressure on folks. Smh.


What are you pressing on me about? Ebay is god awful with customer service for me, you will 99% of the time be talking with someone from a call center in india reading a written script. There was literally a Facebook group that purchased a bunch of cheap singles to intentionally start mass returns. The admin of the group messaged me and told me about it which was so cringe. I literally have no clue about your thought process and why you would find it necessary to comment that? I'm your basic highschool graduate with no college education, 25 with a young daughter. I've built a hefty 6 figure income doing what I do, etsy actually protects its customers from fraudulent cases which is great. Was able to speak directly with a head support agent from New York and get honest to the point answers. Ebay is just way too big of a site to be able to actually look into these transactions fully thats why their customer service is awful in this specific situation.

This looks very amazing.

@eastbuddah you're right about eBay imo . Congratulations in your Etsy success .🙂