My 2019 Medicinal Greenhouse Grow!! (01)

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4 months ago

Here's my first outdoor update for the year! Here we have my two greenhouses holding several lovely strains. 😊
In the small greenhouse here I've got my smaller plants which I'll include a picture of each strain!

Here is the Smokin Gun Auto
Followed by the NY47

Then we have Black Sugar

Next up is Cheese!

And last but not least the 00 Kush Auto!

Now let's move on to the bigger greenhouse which will be housing most of the plants once they are of size.
Here's a look from the inside where the one infront will be taken out and put in the ground soon as it is quite damanged and I figured I'd let nature have her!

The majority of the plants in here are Amnesia FAST clones along with a couple Critical Haze!

I hope all you SMOKErs enjoy and if you're a grower I wish you the best of luck this outdoor season!

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Excellent weeds, speedy prosperity and flowering :D

Loved it.. Also the set up is pretty awesome.


Thank you!!

Nice Crop:)

I can not leave your article without comment ..
Good greenhouse.

I am truly envious of your greenhouses and set up!

I grow indoors and I would really like to grow outdoors, but where we live I would only have about 6 months a year to get in good harvests.


I live in Maine we have quite the rough outdoor season as well! The greenhouse helps keep away a good amount of bud rot though!

Awesome set up.... healthy plants