Dutch Treat x Blueberry Harvest! Smells Like Candy! FRESH NUG PORN!

last year


Cut down the beautiful Dutch Treat x Blueberry (aka Velvet Bud) down today! She was the first clone I've ever grown that I took myself off the previous velvet bud plant!
This is definately the stickiest plant I've ever harvested and it smells absolutely AMAZING! The smell is just straight candy smelling and I can't wait to smoke a bud when it's ready. Doing a batch of live resin tomorrow from the popcorn nugs. Thanks for reading, stay tuned, and have a perfectly stoney day Smokers!

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Welcome future well-known breeder. Good to have you around. This nug looks dank!


Why thank you very much! Got some beautiful oil I made from fresh frozen larf purging right now I'll be sure to show that off!

  ·  last year

Great photo of some frosty looking bud.


Thank you very much!

Great bud. Is this a clean indica?


It definately is. Last time I harvested a bit kate for my preferences. I prefer NO amber trichomes as it mskes the smoke too couch locked. Cut her down in the perfect window for the end product I was looking for as I'm more of a sativa guy.