Bringing Life Into This World - Germinating Autoflowers!

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I germinated a few autoflower seeds today so I figured I'd share what's coming next! I'll also do a little run down of each strain! I use the wet paper towel method which has always worked for me.
The first strain Is Wild Thailand Ryder Auto. This strain is sativa dominant and is the result of a pure strain from the islands of Thailand being crossed with a very high THC ruderalis.

Next is the Headlight Kush Auto which is a strain that is a product of some legendary strains being combined. It is the mix of Lemon OG Kush, Original Haze, and Northern Lights!
Then we have the Cherry Bomb Auto. This strain is believed to be a strong Californian Skunk variety crossed with a Hawaiian Sativa by Barney's Farm. Then again crossed with a ruderalis!
Lasty we have the 3 free seeds that came with the orders. These are Girl Scout Cookies feminized I believe.
Right now these babies are tucked away in a dry, warm place for a couple days until they find their new home in some lovely soil 😇😇 Stay stuned and have a great day SMOKErs!

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Will def.stay tuned.

Looking forwards to new grow blogs from these seeds 👍


Stay tuned! Headlights Kush and a couple GSC just went into soil yesterday!