2019 Medicinal Greenhouse Grow!! (02)

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last year

Here's another update on the outdoor plants stationed in the two greenhouses! First we'll start with the mini greenhouse.
We've already got pistils growing on a couple autos at 3ish weeks.
Here's the 00 Kush which is showing quite a bit of pistils and even some baby trichomes!
20190612_193332.jpg Here's a different 00 Kush that just started showing aswell.
Next up is the Black Sugar which is already smelling dank as shit!!! I am very excited for this Black Sugar as it's only a little baby and it's got one hell of a nose on it already!
There are two more Black Sugar plants that are growing much different and I'm also excited to see these as I see a bigger yield potential. Here's one of them.
Then in the big greenhouse nothing as changed. Here's a pic just before watering today.
Thank you for viewing and until next week, have an amazingly stoney time my fellow SMOKErs! ✌✌😇😇😎😎

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Great post.Like your greenhouse set up....keep it coming with that black sugar.....: )

Wow, what a real passion! I wish weed could be legal everywhere to give me a chance see my dream come true.
But am not going to give up.

Awesome grow man. You are doing great. Hoping to challenge you in the near future :)

Hey dude, lovely grow you have there! Neat and tidy. just great. Black sugar sounds like a favorite. One question - do you always let your plant wilt/droop before watering?


No I try never to! I had just missed a day


Well it happens to everyone, I was thinking that you are improving taste like that or some similar trick.... Cool man.