Another day on the farm

last year

I took these photos a few days apart on my farm in northern California.

I live on top of a mountain, so fog and weather is usually below


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wow what a beautiful landscape, do you have fire problems in summer?


Yes my county does, my property was burned by the 2015 fires. Trinity county is left to burn by the federal and state government every year because 99% are volunteer firefighters. Trinity is three times the size of the state Rhode Island but with like 5000 people living there. Problem is that the federal government owns so much land but has not many people hired to defend the land. They usually just let it burn instead of saving the trees

lol murder mountain? 🙊

Spectacular views from you little paradise, stunning. Are you sure that's fog!! or is that the smoke from your bong smoking all that fantastic weed you are growing in paradise? Lol thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, bong on bro. :-)