Visual Macro of Genetics Cotton Candy

6 months ago


A few days ago I harvested the Cotton Candy plant that at the moment of cutting very attractive lucia with its interesting colors and aroma, worthy of an exhibition, for that reason I wanted to edit the macros of this great plant so that they could observe more closely the color and state of the trichomes that indicate that I harvested it in its correct point.

The nature is impressive and these trichomes are the ones that contain the substance longed for by all the cultivators and defenders of the properties of the plant, in the trichomes is where the cannabinoides and terpenes that cannabis generates are concentrated. The word "trichoma" comes from the Greek word "trichōma" which means "hair", and with the naked eye, they look like fine and small hairs.


They are appendices or excrescences of the epidermis of the plants and that has very varied functions: to absorb water, to regulate it temperature or to protect against solar rays and predators. Cannabis has glandular trichomes because they secrete sticky compounds "resin" that trap insects or substances that irritate, kill or modify their behavior.

Colloquially, they are called "hairs" although they are also known by the name of "resin", and they are, possibly the most important part for the enthusiasts of the extractions and concentrates of Cannabis.

Trichomes also allow us to determine the date of harvest or cut of the plant since a combination of amber trichomes with milky ones can produce an effect that generates a lot of well-being, of course there are different preferences as for the cut, according to the taste of each cultivator.


Pictures to which I made the Macro

I believe that cannabis is one of the most interesting sacred and ancestral plants on the planet, because it can not only help medically, but can also improve our state of consciousness as an authentic resource when we know how to use it knew.

I hope you have enjoyed this publication and the Macro photos of the Cotton Candy that after drying and curing, will be ready and at that time I will test the true power of this genetics.

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Sweet macro shots. They really show off the nugs beautifully.

So pretty <3 I love the macro view. It's just you can see Just how pretty those colas really are!

I also believe it, that there is a miracle within this Marijuana. I hate this before but when I read here, I wondered so much,.

Looking at that bud makes me long for someone or something I don't know!
My dream is to travel the world and smoke some bud in every city ill come by