Tempo Norte Test

5 months ago


I have begun to test the Tempo Norte and I am enjoying this genetics, it has kept me awake and energetic, under a relaxing state that allows me to feel comfortable, what worries me is that the buds have so much quality that they can evaporate extremely fast since I am working every day and the grass has been an interesting medium that has the power to keep me concentrated with a more transcendental thought, of course I could not stop writing on this platform about the experience.

The good thing is that we always remember the days that we are under the effect and it is important to be able to execute works in this case with respect to the art that allow us to always remember these days.


Of course the appetite has increased and the enjoyment is like that of the first days, the aroma of this herb is very striking as fruity the truth if it is the best herbs, the only thing I regret is not being able to try it at this time with the vaporizer because one of the pieces broke, and now I manage through the smoke and not steam, although when you vaporize the herb can better detect its original flavor, I will try to find someone who has knowledge to work with glass to seek to repair that piece of the vaporizer.

Fortunately several days of these 2 weeks have been memorable even with rain included at dusk and at night, when you are under the effect of cannabis in those circumstances of time, you connect better with nature and tranquility drives us to decree a state of absolute stability.


I believe that the Guano makes the effect and power of the grass can have more durability, is extremely efficient the Bat Guano as one of the best organic fertilizers and with this test I can only confirm that what said those who have grown with the guano in their notes was absolutely true.

There are only a few days left to test the other genetics I harvested this year, the Cotton Candy and for the aroma and color it looks luxurious, of course I will also make a special publication, similar to this format, so you can enjoy my optics.

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