Tempo Norte Sativa Mountain

last year

When I got the seeds of the Tempo Norte genetics, I had a lot of expectation about them and I began to investigate about the variety, the friend who sent them told me something about the seeds but did not give me very complete information about them.

In my research I found and discovered very interesting aspects about genetics.


I can say that it is one of the best genetics that I have been able to cultivate, in my own balcony, here in this publication I wish to leave all the information that I gather about the Tempo Norte.

This is what the breeder of the house Astur Jaya, breeder of the Tempo Norte, says textually:

Genetics that in the beginning was a pure South African cultivated in Leshoto (Africa) to 2000 meters of height we have wanted to maintain the vigor and the characteristics of the sativas of mountain that by place, origin and forms of culture grow as indica although by latitude and longitude they are sativas. Over the years we have maintained these characteristics of compact medium-high plants with large production of flowers and resins.


Going from being a pure breed to being a true F1 (first generation hybrid) with the introduction of other African specimens that have been for some time in the genetic reserve of Asturjaya have found a way out in the recombination of genes with the Tempo Norte. Maintaining its hybrid vigor today is the smallest plant in the collection of Asturjaya, ideal for balconies and terraces and of course indoors, where it will grow as a very productive indica, of medium height and the classic effect of the sativas of mental clarity, energy, loquacity and psychedelic touches, depending on the time of collection that goes from late August to mid-September.

What is clear and this goes for all varieties of Asturjaya, is that the species when grown in full nature and following true biological methods and choosing the best specimens of each variety the genetics improve substantially over the years, so the genetics of Asturjaya can not be the same as we started with. They have all been improved over the years, with a special emphasis on increasing the potency and production of each and every one of our commercial genetics.


-Form: It looks like the indicas.

-Production: 350-450 gr.

-Time of flowering: Beginning of September

-Effect: Active sativa to end up on the plateau indica, smells of mint and anise.

-Origin: Sativa with indica phenotype.


Tasting the Effect

In my personal experience regarding the effects of this variety I can say that it is very relaxing, makes you talk a lot, wakes you up and encourages you, I think it also made me think faster, I was able to capture the time with a lot of energy.

It also allows you an excellent concentration, I used to accompany it with a cup of green tea.

A thought to conclude when I was under the effect of the North Tempo:

Like the contrast of the most elegant emphasizing, when we float in the early morning, hitting the beats, increasing the details under the influence of the North Tempo.

I thank all the brothers in this community for the massive support they have given me in only my first 2 previous publications, I hope to continue contributing more interesting writings, for the growth of this global community under the same cause, to educate, raise awareness of all on the planet, on the most relevant aspects of Cannabica culture.

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Not sure if it is light from sun, but them buds look so fresh and firm. Only trim work might been better, but I know you already know it. Kudos to you.

Wow that looks beautiful!!!