Tempo Norte Harvest Day

10 months ago


To harvest and make the cutting point of our flowering plants you have to be patient but you also have to know when to cut, so the Tempo Norte with all its appearance told me that it was ready, even 2 days ago, because I had cultivated this same genetics last season and the cut to 50 days of flowering, this time I decided to leave it 2 days and the cut today with 52 days of flora.

This harvest time is always a special day because we collect the fruits of the plant which over several months through hard work and dedication completed its phases and we successfully finish our crop, this is priceless and is extremely rewarding for those who cultivate, especially with this sacred plant such as Cannabis.



This variety does not grow much and is very comfortable to cultivate, the Tempo Norte will always be among my favorite genetics, but I think from what I read that the breeder no longer commercializes it, it no longer appears for sale, it is discontinued and that makes the cultivation and harvest of this variety contains more value.

Now there are only 2 essential steps left, dried for 15 days and then cured for at least 1 month and the longer we leave it cured we will get a better material to taste with a lot of class.


Here I leave a publication with details, including a test of the Tempo Norte to cultivate last season for those who are interested in reading and know a little more about this genetics:


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You're not harvesting that pictured plant yet, right? I'd expect it to be way bigger than that before harvesting? 🤔


That plant will not grow more as I mentioned it do not grow so much and this list, if I wait to grow more will not, could you read the publication? last season in 50 days was ready and now I left it with 52 days, the trichomes are milky and several shades of brown, I like plants with active effect, I do not like past with narcotic effect because they give much sleep and is not my taste, of course the harvest even after cut continues to mature and I'm sure that the effect will be very good rather than quantity in this sense I prefer quality.

I have another one to cut but that one has a few days left. I will make a publication when I harvest the other plant as well.

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Fertile plants hopefully bigger🌱🌱🤔👌


Everything depends on many factors that influence, and not necessarily a plant for it to be fertile has to be very large, also perhaps because as they are on the balcony terrace only gives them direct sun from 7 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. but I should not grow so much because they do not stand out from the balcony and avoids the comments of neighbors snooping, in that sense I bet more on quality than quantity and I think that these plants with the effect to come promise a lot, when I do the new test talk about that specific topic.

I don’t understand. Why not let it flower longer than the 52 days?


Because already this list, when I can raise a macro and you can observe the trichomes that are in their point, as I like to me, as I mentioned, the plants after cuts continue maturing, it is not necessary to tear them and that they arrive without hair or with the leaves well yellow to harvest them, this variety does not take so long to be ready in its flowering, not all plants have the same times and the genetics are different in their variety which is what you do not understand?

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