Preparation of Bat Guano Tea

11 months ago


The weekend I was reading to have better certainty of the preparation of Guano de Murciélago tea and with all I could find regarding the best recommendations, the one that seemed the most reasonable of the recipes was to use 20 grams of guano for each liter of water, use hot water so that the material dissolves better, additional advised me to also include a spoonful of cane molasses, and let the mixture rest for 24 hours.


  • 80 grams of Bat Guano
  • 2 tablespoons Sugar Cane Molasses
  • Hot or warm water



So this morning, in hot water place 40 grams of Bat Guano to every 2 liters of water, add a tablespoon of cane molasses to each 2 liters container along with the guano, shake the containers hard and dissolved well, leave the containers resting with the mixture for 24 hours and water tomorrow morning God through to give your first potent food to the plants that need it.

I hope that with this preparation formula those who can also find this jewel of material as it is the Guano de Murciélago, can have reference based on this publication.

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i wish you would have given a paragraph to the use of bat guano on cannabis. I know most will understand that it can be but some some may look at this and wonder what the heck this post is about. Thanks for the recipe.


Of course this is a special publication for connoisseurs in the field, also remember that we are in blog where we specialize in talking about everything related to Cannabis, another reference that alludes to Cannabis are the labels which refer specifically to talk about a tea for this sacred plant, but not only can be used for marijuana also serves for any plant in bloom.

Another point that can help people understand better, at least those who are not aware of the subject of organic fertilizers is the sequence that I carry in my profile of

But don't worry, I understand what you're saying.


Yeah haha I was like "dude don't drink vat poop tea..." then i realised it was for a grow 😅😂


Hahaha 😉 Thank you for your great support in my publications @indica

Informative posts and guides like this are probably my favorite to see on Smoke. Awesome article🔥


Thank you @herbncrypto I'm glad that you liked the publication and you are useful the preparation of tea in the future.

Thats awesome hell yeah, cheers


Thanks @ttr

Plants love it!


It's what I want to corroborate I think I used it once or twice a long time ago, and when I did I did not have much experience in growing, this time if I plan to detail everything step by step and see the benefits that can get my plants in bloom with this fertilizer, which speak wonders of it.