Organic Fertilizer: Banana Tea

7 months ago


I was talking with some colleagues and they told me that after having added the Bat Guano tea to my Cannabis plants in flowering, that also between irrigations I could add the Banana tea that had been used to place my plants throughout all these years of cultivation, because I would add other elements that could better nourish the plant as Potassium, Nitrogen and to a lesser extent Phosphorus.

So I waited exactly 12 days after his first flowering fertilizer was Bat Guano, which I discussed in an earlier publication here on I would like to leave the ingredients that are needed and the preparation for growers who are interested in learning about organic fertilizers.


  • 12 banana shells (minimum but you can add more)

  • 1 litre of water

  • 2 tablespoons molasses or honey



After having the materials what I do first is that the shells of cambur or shells I place them to dry 2 or 3 days in the sun, this I learned this year, because it concentrates better the mixture when the shells are drier, then to place to boil a liter of dechlorinated water, and when it boils, to place all the shells of banana and to let them boil for 18 minutes. Then wait for the mixture to cool down, once the temperature goes down place 2 tablespoons of molasses or honey and stir to dissolve in the mixture.

The next step is that we add 2 liters of water and strain to separate the shells or shells of tea, then we store it in containers of 2 liters, as I have 2 plants I always prepare 4 liters, being strained and at room temperature, we can water, I always add 2 liters to each plant and is the perfect dose.

As you can see they are easy to get and economical materials is what I like about organic fertilizers, in addition to being beneficial and friendly to mother earth and have a positive impact on our health.

I hope you have enjoyed this publication, I have received very gratifying comments about how much you love this type of Post, when I talk about preparations based on organic fertilizers for our Cannabis plants, it is a subject much appreciated by the community.

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I am interested much in making organic fertilizer, I lived in a place where these banana peelings are commonly thrown in the compost pit but haven't encountered a banana tea but when I read your article I found some ideas to share and be used in our community back home.
I thank you for this.
smoke on!

Lots of Potassium in there! great stuff

I have been looking for a organic way forever it can get quite expensive to get the real deal great share thanks