Newly Harvested Macro Tempo Norte

7 months ago


In my previous publication many have asked me or had doubts about whether I harvested the plant Tempo Norte early, and you can be reassured because obviously if I harvested at its best point, so I decided to make a macro of the flowers of the photos I capture the day of harvest.

As you can notice in the macro of the photos, the trichomes are milky this generates an active effect that awakens us a lot of creativity, in addition there are also some trichomes with brown dots that give a balance to the effect and this is the point of harvest that I look for, in the personal this impels me in my activities with respect to the writing or to develop different types of art.


With respect to another of the doubts this genetics does not grow so much and it suits me that it is so because I have them on the terrace of my balcony and I always like to maintain discretion to some of the neighbors who still do not understand very well the concept of what represents the self-cultivation of Cannabis and for some other reasons.

Another aspect that has influenced them not to grow so much, may be that they receive only direct sun from 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.


Pictures to which I made the Macro

It is also worth mentioning that once the plants are cut when we are drying them and then curing they continue to ripen and that is why when we harvest at their point we will maintain the achievement of being able to taste some plants with absolute quality, when we comply with the indispensable processes for the medicinal or recreational use of our harvested Cannabis.

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amazing photography 👍