Last Weeks of Flowering

7 months ago


We arrived at one of the points most desired by all of us growers and are the last weeks of flowering, now I have a little doubt whether to give your last fertilizer of Bat Guano Tea to the plants or leave them with what you've added, because I sincerely see them well, I don't see any deficiency, even the green color of the leaves has been maintained, and not all growers can achieve this, because for it you have to maintain the balance between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and give the right fertilizer at the right time so that the plant can have an optimal flowering.

As you know those who have followed my publications, these plants that God through I am about to harvest are 2 different genetics, one is the Cotton Candy and the other Tempo North, are extremely interesting varieties, which I have been able to cultivate before, in fact this is my second flowering season with these specific genetics.




I would like to know the opinion of all of you with respect to how you see the plants and how you observe the development of the flowering, the Cotton Candy began its stage of flowering on July 4 at this time has 48 days in this phase, the Tempo North passes it to state of flora 2 days after July 6 and has 46 days in flowering, the cut date is approaching in weeks or days, so I have to be very attentive to make the precise cut, I do not like the plants to pass me, because harvesting at the right time influences much in its flavor and effect. How much do you think they lack for cutting?


The effect that I like the most is the active one, that's why I am very careful not to cut my past plants, for it I follow an old school technique, when the microscopes didn't exist, that is used a lot by a colleague grower, I will put some tips that you have mentioned to me:

"The buds are flowers, you have to learn to recognize maturity with the naked eye and the best way to do the eye is by looking at plants, you have to look at them but not using microscopes or erroneous theories, you just have to learn to see them and recognize the maximum moment just when they start to degrade and cut there. We must bear in mind that the ripening of the buds does not stop when it is cut, it continues ripening until it is completely dry and we are counting on this, we must dry it hung completely in the dark and with a temperature, humidity and ventilation so that it takes 7-10 days to be dry, if it takes longer it will continue ripening for too long and it would be as if it had been cut later.




Harvesting at the right time not only get the plants with the maximum power possible, even more important is that only then we will have buds "with spark", which when smoking fill you with positive energy, make you happy and happy, those who give you to talk, to enjoy the music, when you feel creative and think of interesting things.



The ideal cutting point is when half the hairs are dry, or a little less. Maturity can be seen with the naked eye looking at different things, but in reality we can only summarize in the white/dry hairs because it is the only thing 100% true and very easy to see, especially if we get into the head that we do not have to learn to look for the evidence that it still lacks and leave it more (which is what is always done), but we have to look for the symptoms that it is already to cut, and when they are found machetazo! the ideal time to cut, is shortly after they start to dry the hairs and long before they all dry, being the ideal point more or less when they are half dry”.

The writing about when to cut is much longer and I will consult with the colleague to translate it into full English with their consent and be able to publish it here on the platform, I hope you have enjoyed the publication and I look forward to your valuable opinions.

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