Into the Christmas a 2020 Days

4 months ago

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In our memories, or at least the memories of those closest to us, Christmas represents a special time. Since I entered the world of Cannabis, when I enjoy Christmas with the grass accompanying me, has always been not only introspective has also reflected an extroverted aspect when I drink alcohol and share with people enjoying the certain bonanza that leaves us the month of December, this year I started Christmas early, I wanted to anticipate for several reasons, I first had a good profit with an Altcoin that I will take very much into account from now on because it has inspired confidence in me, so I decided to take advantage of the offers before the prices of some basic consumer products such as alcohol and some groceries go up, in my country the economic crisis has deepened and the variants in terms of the dollar are unpredictable with changes in prices from one day to the next, so I will save a few cents.

The effect of the grass at Christmas makes me make a retrospective remembering moments, situations and brothers who are no longer with us, work making art from different aspects and perspectives that strengthen my vision, where there is a great contribution to everything that seems relevant to me to highlight and reflect, this month gives us hope because it prepares us to receive a new year and while we say goodbye always try to have the best possible time despite the circumstances.


I had some weeks without writing in but I had to take care of some other activities, now I have a good amount of exclusive material for Christmas from a Mixtape to a series of films that refer to the time, there are still some purchases missing but you have to have some patience while we enjoy.

I believe that everything we do is significant because it represents our life and what we embody can become a transcendental factor, hopefully after these holidays there will be exponentially beneficial changes for the next 2020 that will make us better in all aspects.

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This made me smile, thank you for the beautiful thought 😊🤗😊 Happy Christmas brother!