Hours or Days of Optimal Cutting

7 months ago


In flowering phase we have to be extremely detailed with our plants is its last cycle and we must be very attentive, but it is very important to be able to make the optimal cut on precise dates, I do not use microscope and I am guided by the old school technique, when they are half or more than half of the brown hairs, the flowers of the plant are ready to cut, but of course this is to get an active effect, creative, which is the one that most of us who work in art and culture look for, as I mentioned I don't like plants past those that are narcotics, those where their effect are very sleepy, I prefer the active effect and that depends on the criteria of each grower, it's a personal taste.




Fortunately when I take photos of my plants applying the old school technique of brown hairs to know if this list, doing macro with my personal camera, I can also see the trichomes if they are in their point, when they are milky, crystalline that are the ones that produce that vigorous effect, with some brown points in some trichomes to give balance, cultivating is an art and is that even for the cut we must have precision.

In this publication I am going to leave very interesting photos so that you can realize what I mean by the old school cutting point and the arguments I apply when cutting.





I hope you have enjoyed this publication, because every day of cultivation is absorption of constant knowledge, where we understand better and better the nature of our plants.

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wow! I love that macro shot, it emphasized the texture of the tiny crystal effects of the leaves.

Looks amazing! wow.